Paul Nash – Monster Field photographs

Just a short post this week.

I was re-watching the BBC series Detectorists the other day. For anyone not familiar, it’s a Sitcom about a group of Metal Detectorists. Very gentle, very well acted.

Towards the end of Episode 3 in Season 2 there is a scene where Andy and Lance (the two main characters) sit in a field next to some fallen trees. To be honest, there are probably many other scenes similar scattered throughout the show, but this is just one that particularly caught my eye.


The reason I noticed it was that it suddenly reminded me of Paul Nash’s Monster Field photographs. These are photos of fallen trees in a field that he took in the late 1930s. They really do look like monsters, dinosaurs or dragons. Well worth checking out these photos – there is an archive of all his photos on the Tate website.

Nash Monster Field


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